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Executive Coach, Founder, and CEO of Being Investments is a loving, dedicated impact strategist developing Impact NFT programs, partnerships, and digital sovereignty! 

Her mission is to serve at the highest integrity to reach the greatest numbers through partnership culture while supporting  (SDG) Social Development Goals.   

Mindful Mentor -First you, then others… 

With over a decade working with celebrity talent, executives, and brands curating and producing events, Brandi saw a need for a major shift in business and management. She shifted her focus to support leaders on a personal level through her Mindful Mentorship, intuitive guidance, and self-awareness practice, as a way to advance projects. She helps you to reconnect with your personal values, and the purpose of your project from the inside out.


With over a two-decades of spiritual guidance, Brandi is guided to develop partnerships that are developing platforms to support social movements, community culture, and causes through the digital enterprise and digital sovereignty. She is invested in ventures focused on innovation, wellness, and technology and consults on Blockchain, Impact NFT, and Crypto markets. She sees technology and personal values as a collaborative effort for impact and regenerative goals.


Bringing your vision to life requires strategic planning. Brandi brings world-class partnerships, designing campaigns with well-known brands, artists, decentralized DAPPS, and mobilizing youth to spread the message of impact projects and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Her impact initiatives have attracted a Global Board of Advisors including the Stan Lee Foundation, Gravity Fund, and Blockchain-based organizations through the SEED Us Society Startup Mentor’s Program. She is a true believer in sustainable, regenerative systems, including regenerative technology platforms such as the ledger; “tokenized” platform communities, and rewards-based learning systems to help promote a balanced circular economy.



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