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CEO | CMO, Impact NFT Strategist, Executive Coach

The Brandi Veil Approach

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Brandi Veil is the Founder and CEO of Being Investments, CMO, Avisa Games Guild, and Impact NFT strategist. Her mission is connecting real-life experiences good for you, good for the planet. Brandi believes the metaverse is a perfect opportunity for the future of work and is passionate about econmic transformation. She believes through P2E Games, rewards, and incentive based learning can take us from poverty moving towards prosperity with financial literacy applications. "To have financial freedom, you must know how money works, education is key, and rewards can support industries' looking for qualified talent through games." Brandi is an International spokeswoman, consultant, and impact advisor on Blockchain Web3 and Fintech PR.

About Being Investments Advisory

Being Investments aligns impact-related projects with utility in the blockchain and NFT industry. We support individuals, groups, and communities from early-stage to ongoing developments; appointing strategic partners, interim teams, board members, influencers, artists, including an introduction to funding sources, family office events, and various DeFi platforms.

Impact NFT Marketing and Strategy

Our team has developed key relationships in venture capital, impact institutions and organizations, social good, Gen-Z influencers, and media platforms to provide maximum results for our clients and support the 2030 SDG Social Development Goals. Impact NFT marketing and strategy include Blockchain Web3; NFTs ecosystem of over +600M youth and influencer reach within educational programming, entertainment radio, TV, movies, music, and Metaverse integration to help deliver consistent programming on a grassroots level.

Advisor | Executive Coach

Every project is different and requires an internal process to bring the vision to life. Brandi offers a unique mindset, mindfulness, and personal awareness program to entrepreneurs who seek funding, and project development as a way to advance projects. She guides you through a three-part Balance | Clarity | Focus 12-week program to support the reconnection of your personal values and the purpose of your life to help scale your project from the inside out.

#MetaWeek, Dubai September 11-14th.

Brandi Veil will be hosting The MetaWeek panel on impact and P2E in Dubai. Check out this presentation on "Transition From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 Solutions, Ethics, Governance and The Role of Metaverse."


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